Best fishing trips in Mallorca Summer

We are ready to offer the best fishing trips in Mallorca Summer 2022

Our boat had has some great updates over the winter and looks better than ever!

Join us for an unforgettable fishing experience in Mallorca. Catching Mallorca Bluefin Tuna, Mallorca Swordfish, Mallorca Spearfish and many more.

When looking for the best fishing trips in Mallorca, we know that you are looking for someone professional, friendly, and with lots of experience. Our captain Vince offers all of this and more. He is known world-wide for his skills when it comes to fishing and is an award winning captain and fishing guide. He is also an IGFA (The International Game Fish Association) recognised guide, meaning that he is committed to trustworthy, honest and ethical fishing.

The best fishing trips in Mallorca summer is what we do. It is not only our job, it is our passion and you’d be hard pressed finding another team that’s more passionate and dedicated to fishing than ours. We have one of the highest success rates in the Mediterranean. We fish every day that the weather allows and dedicate our free time to discovering new fishing spots and techniques. This is how we perfected the technique for Mediterranean Spearfish. Probably the most elusive billfish on the planet, the spearfish has made for many frustrated anglers worldwide who could only dream of catching one.

We always knew that we had this very special fish in our waters and had caught them by chance previously, knowing that once we had the time, we would focus on targeting them successfully. Always having it in mind that this may be impossible due to catching them being so rare. But we succeeded. We are now one of the very few fishing charters in the world who specialise in targeting Spearfish successfully, making us a great choice for the best fishing trips in Mallorca summer 2022.

Why not give yourself the chance to say that you have caught, tagged and released the rarest billfish in the world? Or perhaps battle the mighty bluefin tuna or swordfish? An incredible groups day out is our full day of trolling for different species like longfin tuna, skipjack tuna, spearfish, juvenile bluefin tuna and mahi mahi.

Book the best fishing trips in Mallorca, summer 2022, with us today!


Best fishing trips in Mallorca Summer