Fishing in Mallorca

Unforgettable Experience

Best Fishing Trips: Summer 2021 in Mallorca


angeln auf Mallorca (Sportfischerei und Freizeitfischerei in Mallorca)
Alcudia Hochseefischen auf Mallorca Hochseeangeln auf Mallorca

Fishing in Mallorca

Unforgettable Experience

Best Fishing Trips: Summer 2021 in Mallorca


angeln auf Mallorca (Sportfischerei und Freizeitfischerei in Mallorca)
Alcudia Hochseefischen auf Mallorca Hochseeangeln auf Mallorca

Fishing in Mallorca

Welcome to the official website of Captain Vince Riera

We specialise in fishing for all pelagic predators such as Bluefin Tuna, Swordfish and Spearfish

With over 20 years experience fishing in Mallorca, Captain Vince will guide you to trophy sized fish.

We invite you to an outstanding experience

About Us

High Quality Equipment

The Fishing Services


fishing in Mallorca: The best deep sea fishing, trips & charters in Mallorca

Outstanding Fishing Experience in Mallorca


Our port of departure, Alcudia, is located in the north of Mallorca

Why Alcudia of all places? Because the fish are here

Only here in the North you can catch Bluefin Tuna all year long. Underwater mountains, canyons and drops are home to enormous quantities of mackerel and squid. This is the main food source for our pelagic predators. Many tunas therefore spend the winter in the waters off Alcudia and make our fishing grounds unique! In addition to this resident population, the Atlantic giants arrive at our doorstep in early summer to spawn. Our waters are a world-class destination.

Swordfish hunt in the depths during the day and come to the surface at night. Depending on the moon-phase, fishing will then be deep drifting the day or surface trolling at night for the strong gladiators of the sea.

Fishing for coastal predators alternates throughout the year. Amberjack, Dentex, Grouper and Barracuda are caught while deep trolling. In the autumn months, huge schools of Mahi Mahi come to the coasts. Super-light spinning and fly fishing then becomes an unforgettable experience. Spearfish and albacore are caught during trolling and Little Tunny make the winter months a spectacle.

The Captain


Fishing Equipment for Deep Sea Fishing in Alcudia. Offshore Fishing Mallorca.

Vince was born in Mallorca – and has been fishing since he could walk: As a child and teenager on small boats and today on his beautiful yacht, a 14 m long TIARA. He is also the only IGFA captain on the Balearic Islands.

With more than 20 years of experience and a 2019 quota of 1.14 bluefins per trip, he is one of the most successful big game skippers on the island and in Europe.

With the capture, marking and release of a 348 kilogram bluefin tuna off Mallorca, Captain Vince also attracted international attention

His passion for fishing drives him to constantly try out new techniques and look for new fishing grounds.

He will do everything he can to ensure that you catch a dream fish on board his MAD MAX and make your stay on board as pleasant as possible!

High Quality Equipment

Our 14m Mad Max Tiara, with 2x690HP MAN Diesel engines, will bring you to the fish of your dreams. The fishing vessel is fully equipped with Raymarine electronics, the best tackle such as Shimano Tiagra 50 lbs for stand up, Tiagra 80 lbs and 130 lbs for the fighting chair, Penn electric reels and Stella 20000 to fight and land giant bluefin tuna and swordfish. We have everything necessary on board, drinks, snacks and cabins to rest during night fishing for big swordfish.

From hook to leader, braid and topshot we only use the best of the best and regularly inspect, change and replace tackle to leave nothing to chance. If you want to fight in stand-up gear or if you want to be strapped to the seat harness in the fighting chair, everything desirable to fight the mighty bluefin tuna is ready for you.

Fishing in Mallorca Port d´Alcudia

We are a fully licensed operation with all necessary insurances and all regulated and inspected safety equipment on board for adults and children so you don’t need to bring anything on board, it is all ready for you

High-end fishing gear

Spacious fishing yacht perfectly equipped

Licensed captain and all fishing licenses

Life vest and gear for kids

Snacks and drinks

Best Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Alcudia, Mallorca

Fishing Services


We offer all kinds of techniques and methods of fishing, in order to help you to catch the fish of your dreams.

From light tackle, trolling, deep sea and big game fishing, we provide high-end equipment, and give you the optimum guidance so you can hook, fight and land giants.

All trips depend on weather and season so don’t hesitate to ask us, what the ideal target is in the time of your stay.

Family Fishing

Fishing trip aimed at families with young children as an introduction to fishing.

3hrs divided between swimming in a beautiful secret beach and fishing for small, colourful fish.

4 hrs / 800 €

Light Trolling

“Light” only means the gear is light. Fish up to 10-15kg like dentex, amberjack, barracuda, bluefish, leerfish and Mahi Mahi will make your muscles hurt and the reels scream.

We target these incredible fighters close to the coast with great success.

Depending on the season and weather, we troll our lures deep or on the surface.

4 hrs / 800 €

Winter Fishing Adventures

We love fishing, and we don’t stop once the tourist season has ended. In the winter, out of the tourist season, we have time to organise fantastic fishing adventures.

The fish don’t know when the tourists are here and nearly all species stay here all year. So why not let us take you on a quest for fish of different species and sizes? Especially when most winter days, we have temperatures of around 20 degrees.

We can organise accommodation and design a custom trip that accommodates your group size, availability and budget. Airport transfers are also available.

Please give us a call for more information and to see what we can put together for you.

Seeking Spearfish

An 8 hour trip targeting the beautiful yet elusive Mediterannean Spearfish.

We know the behaviour and movement of these fish so we can target them successfully.

If you’re looking for a Spearfish to complete your IGFA Royal Billfish Slam, we can help you with that.

8 hrs / 1500 €

Big Game fishing for Bluefin Tuna*

Fishing in the best fishing grounds of Mallorca which is approximately 15-20 miles (45 mins) from the marina with the biggest and best-equipped charter boat in Mallorca.

Fishing for bluefin tuna all year round of approx 100kg. May, June and July 200kg+

Average catch in 2019 was 1.14 bluefins per day.

ALL Bluefin Tuna are STRICTLY tag and release

8 hrs / 1.500 €

(60/330 kg)


A fishing trip on the high sea around the famous seamounts of Mallorca.

This is where we will chase Bluefin Tuna (15-50kg), Spearfish, Albacore (10-20kg), Little Tunny (10-20kg), Skipjack (10kg+), and Mahi Mahi (6kg+).

You can expect multiple strikes, feeding frenzies, screaming reels and a real work out. With the possibility to see whales and dolphins.

Fishing stand-up with lighter tackle.

ALL Bluefin Tuna are STRICTLY tag and release

10 hrs / 1.600 €

Nightime Trolling for Swordfish*

This predator hunts in the darkness of the night. Hooking a swordfish is one thing, bringing it to the boat another.

They are one of the hardest fighters we have in our waters and a creature of pure aggression but also beauty.

8 hrs / 1.600 €

Mallorca Trophy*

Daytime for Bluefin Tuna then Nightime for Swordfish (Technique for Swordfish depending on the moon).

Do you need the ultimate fishing adventure? Then book the Mallorca Trophy!

The target for the Mallorca Trophy is catching at least 1 bluefin and 1 swordfish, with some bottom fishing while you’re waiting for the reels to scream.

If you need a few hours of sleep, there are comfortable beds on board as well as dinner and breakfast.

20 hrs / 2.100 €

Mallorca Trophy*

Billfish Edition

Here in our waters, it is possible to catch a Swordfish and Spearfish in a 24 hour period.

This is the ultimate billfish challenge, watch in awe as an incredible swordfish or spearfish jumps out of the water and marvel in the beautiful colours of them when you get it to the boat.

This is every anglers dream trophy.

20 hrs / 2.100 €

* Shared trips are available on all fishing trips more than 8hrs upon request

Shared Trips subject to availability

Recreational Boat Fishing in Mallorca

What better way to experience Mallorca than by the sea?

In Mallorca, there are more than 2,000 boats, what can I say? We love the sea

Not all of them are for recreational boat fishing Mallorca though, that’s where we come in


We provide everything you need for a perfect day offshore fishing in Mallorca

Here are some snapshots showing how much fun offshore fishing in Mallorca can be!


The best deep sea fishing, trips & charters in Mallorca

Unforgettable Experience

Video Gallery

Night fishing for Swordfish in Mallorca

Barracudas, amberjacks, mahi mahi and more

Fall fishing in Mallorca

Reels vs. Bluefins


Captain Vince Riera’s blog


Contact us by writing or dropping your e-mail.

We will get back to you and fix a date to go fishing!

Also you can call or write us an SMS or Whatsapp!


Vince Riera

Alcudiamar Marina

Port d’Alcúdia, Mallorca

Open 24h

+34 675 44 73 05

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    Safety on Board while Fishing in Mallorca

    While Covid-19 stopped us from fishing in Mallorca for a few months, we are now back doing what we love – spending every day on the water. We spent a very stressful time during the lockdown, wondering if this season was going to happen but Mallorca has now reopened and it is safe to travel to our beautiful island again.

    This of course, does not mean we don’t have strict regulations that we must follow.

    Safety on board is our number one priority while fishing in Mallorca, global pandemic or not, the safety of our clients and crew comes first, always.

    While these regulations are in place, we will not be arranging any shared trips as to avoid mixing families or groups. Clients are asked not to book a trip if they have any doubts that they may have been exposed to the virus recently and existing customers are be asked to reschedule. After every trip, the boat is fully disinfected, along with all of our equipment in order to kill any bacteria that may have come aboard uninvited.

    Our staff has followed every regulation that has been enforced and continues to abide by social distancing rules , none of us have been in close proximity to any people who have tested positive for the virus. I must say that the people of Mallorca followed the strict lockdown rules extremely well and due to this, we didn’t have nearly as many cases compared to other parts of Spain.

    The safety of ourselves and our clients is priceless and we are taking every measure to ensure that it is completely safe to fish with us this season.

    Thank you for being patient with us and we are so grateful for you trusting us with your fishing experience in Mallorca.