Best Fishing Trips: Summer 2021 in Mallorca

There’s no denying that Mallorca is full of charter boats offering different excursions. So how do you know which one to choose? The first question is obvious, what kind of excursion are you wanting? If the answer is fishing, then we’re the boat for you!

We continue to work hard to ensure that we uphold our reputation for being the best on the island when it comes to fishing in Mallorca, with over 20 years of experience, thousands of hours on the water, there is nobody better equipped to guide you to your dream fish. First time angler? No worries, we will take you through each step and have you feeling like a pro angler in no time. We offer many different excursions to suit all experience levels, budget and group size.


The next question of course, is safety. We understand that the safety of your family is extremely important to you, and we want you to know that the safety of our clients and crew is our number one priority. The boat is well equipped with safety equipment. We are fully stocked with lifejackets, flares, first aid kit etc. and everything has to regularly pass tough safety inspections to ensure that it’s all working correctly.

We want you to be able to sit back and relax… Until the reel screams of course!

Then it’s all action, we have so many different species of fish in Mallorca, that there is something for everyone, from beginner to expert. Many people don’t even realise how diverse the fishing is here and are surprised to learn that they don’t need to travel halfway around the world in order to experience some real fishing, or to catch their dream fish. We are just a 2 hour flight from most European airports, and Mallorca is a fantastic family destination.

So whether you are looking for a solo trip, wanting to leave the kids at the hotel, or wanting to see your children reel in some cool fish, we have something for everyone.

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