What makes a charter the best fishing charter in Mallorca?

Hard work, dedication, sustainability and most of all, successful fishing.

When it comes to deep sea fishing in Mallorca, we offer all of the above and more! With over 20 years of experience deep sea fishing in Mallorca, nobody knows our waters like we do.

Our captain, Vince Riera made it his mission to put Mallorca on the big game map, an island once only famous for it’s beautiful beaches and tourism, Mallorca has now become famous for serious fishing too.

It all started with tuna fishing. We became the most successful charter when it came to catching bluefin tuna. Then came the mighty swordfish in Mallorca which Vince became an expert on. Then what really drew attention, was the Mediterranean spearfish, which has anglers flying in from worldwide destinations to get their hands on. Our goal has always been to offer the best fishing trips in Mallorca and therefore, to maintain being the best fishing charter in Mallorca. This will always be our goal. Nothing makes us happier than giving fishermen a first class fishing experience. We believe that if you’re not going to give something your all, then you shouldn’t bother.

Making our clients happy and having them leave our boat after the best deep sea fishing mallorca experience will always be our number one priority.
whether it be tuna fishing, swordfish fishing, spearfish fishing or anything else. From the moment our clients start the booking process with us, we aim to give them the best experience possible.

We’re not only serious about great fishing, we also care deeply about the wellbeing of the fish and the waters that they inhabit. We work hard towards the conservation of species. Take bluefin tuna, we use the best equipment in order to give the quickest and least stressful fight for the fish, releasing them very carefully after tagging them. We know that our release technique works, because we have had so many recaptures over the years. The best fishing charter in Mallorca must be able to deliver the best fishing experience in Mallorca, but also to fish with a conscious and care for the seas.

We tag bluefin tuna, swordfish, spearfish and sometimes even other species. With there being so many species that are not in danger of decline, being so good to eat, we believe that seeing the species that are at risk, swimming back to the deep with a tag in their backs that will help their species, is so much more rewarding than enjoying them on our plate.

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What makes a charter the best fishing charter in Mallorca?