Family Fishing Trips in Mallorca

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While on holiday with the family, we understand that it can be difficult keeping everybody entertained. Family fishing trips in Mallorca is a perfect solution for this.

There’s only so much time one family can spend on the beach so why not see Mallorca from a different perspective?
This fishing trip is divided between:

Fishing for beginners which is aimed especially at children, teaching them techniques, and about the equipment, the different species that we have in our waters, different qualities of each species, their habitat, what they like to eat, what likes to eat them etc. as well as being a responsible and sustainable fisherman.

Seeing some of the beautiful natural coast of the North of Mallorca, learning about the history of the island and what the sea means to the people of Mallorca and what measures are being taken to protect the waters surrounding the island.

Snorkelling in a beautiful secret beach in crystal clear waters which is only accessible via boat or hiking, where a certain species of fish thrives.

We believe that we have created the perfect family-friendly fishing trip in Mallorca with a little something for everyone!

Parents, sit back and relax with a glass of cava while the kids are engaged in learning about nature and fishing leaving the electronic devices on land.

We can’t think of a better way to keep the whole family entertained than spending a few hours on the sea relaxing and unwinding.

Family Fishing

Fishing trip aimed at families with young children as an introduction to fishing.

3hrs divided between swimming in a beautiful secret beach and fishing for small, colourful fish.

4 hrs / 800 €

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Family fishing trips in Mallorca