Fishing Equipment

High Quality Equipment

Our 14m Mad Max Tiara, with 2x690HP MAN Diesel engines, will bring you to the fish of your dreams. The fishing vessel is fully equipped with Raymarine electronics, the best tackle such as Shimano Tiagra 50 lbs for stand up, Tiagra 80 lbs and 130 lbs for the fighting chair, Penn electric reels and Stella 20000 to hook, fight and land giant bluefin tuna and swordfish. We have everything necessary on board, drinks, snacks and cabins to rest during night fishing for big swordfish. From hook to leader, braid and topshot we only use the best of the best and regularly inspect, change and replace tackle to leave nothing to chance. If you want to fight in stand-up gear or if you want to be strapped to the seat harness in the fighting chair, everything desirable to fight the mighty bluefin tuna is ready for you. We are a fully licensed operation with all necessary insurances and all regulated and inspected safety equipment on board for adults and children so you don’t need to bring anything on board, it is all ready for you.

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