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About us

Outstanding Fishing Experience in Mallorca

Our port of departure, Alcudia, is located in the north of Mallorca. Why Alcudia of all places? Because here is the fish! Only here in the north you can catch all year long bluefin tuna. Underwater mountains, canyons and drops are home to enormous quantities of mackerel. This is the mainfood source for our pelagic predators. Many tunas therefore spend the winter in the waters off Alcudia and make our fishing grounds unique! In addition to this resident population, the Atlantic giants arrive at our doorstep in early summer to spawn. Our waters then become a world-class destination for more than a month.
Swordfish hunt in the depths during the day and come to the surface at night. Depending on the phase of the moon, fishing will then be deep drifting the day or surface trolling at night for the strong gladiators of the sea.
Fishing for coastal predators alternates throughout the year. Amberjack, Dentex, Grouper and Barracuda are caught while deep trolling. In the autumn months, huge schools of Mahi Mahi come to the coasts. Super-light spinning and fly fishing then becomes an unforgettable experience. Spearfish and albacore are caught during trolling and Little Tunny make the winter months a spectacle.

Fishing Mallorca: Unforgettable Experience

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