Best Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Alcudia, Mallorca

Fishing Services


We offer all kinds of techniques and methods of fishing, in order to help you to catch the fish of your dreams. From light tackle, trolling, deep sea and big game fishing, we provide high-end equipment, and give you the optimum guidance so you can hook, fight and land giants. All trips depend on weather and season so don’t hesitate to ask us, what the ideal target is in the time of your stay.

Family Fishing

Fishing trip aimed at families with young children as an introduction to fishing.

3hrs divided between swimming in a beautiful secret beach and fishing for small, colourful fish.

3 hrs / 550 €

Light Trolling

“Light” only means the gear is light. Fish up to 10-15kg like dentex, amberjack, barracuda, bluefish, leerfish and Mahi Mahi will make your muscles hurt and the reels scream.

We target these incredible fighters close to the coast with great success.

Depending on the season and weather, we troll our lures deep or on the surface.

4 hrs / 650 €

Shared trips are available on all fishing trips more than 8hrs upon request

Shared Trips subject to availability

Big Game fishing for Bluefin Tuna

Fishing in the best fishing grounds of Mallorca which is approximately 15-20 miles (45 mins) from the marina with the biggest and best-equipped charter boat in Mallorca.

Fishing for bluefin tuna all year round of approx 100kg. May, June and July 200kg+

Average catch in 2019 was 1.14 bluefins per day.

ALL Bluefin Tuna are STRICTLY tag and release.

8 hrs / 1300 €

(60/330 kg)


A fishing trip on the high sea around the famous seamounts of Mallorca.

This is where we will chase Bluefin Tuna (15-50kg), Spearfish, Albacore (10-20kg), Little Tunny (10-20kg), Skipjack (10kg+), and Mahi Mahi (6kg+).

You can expect multiple strikes, feeding frenzies, screaming reels and a real work out. With the possibility to see whales and dolphins.

Fishing stand-up with lighter tackle.

ALL Bluefin Tuna are STRICTLY tag and release.

10 hrs / 1500 €

12 hrs / 1700 €

Nightime Trolling for Swordfish

This predator hunts in the darkness of the night. Hooking a swordfish is one thing, bringing it to the boat another.

They are one of the hardest fighters we have in our waters and a creature of pure aggression but also beauty.

10 hrs / 1600 €

Mallorca Trophy

Daytime for Bluefin Tuna then Nightime for Swordfish (Technique for Swordfish depending on the moon).

Do you need the ultimate fishing adventure? Then book the Mallorca Trophy!

The target for the Mallorca Trophy is catching at least 1 bluefin and 1 swordfish, with some bottom fishing while you’re waiting for the reels to scream.

If you need a few hours of sleep, there are comfortable beds on board as well as dinner and breakfast.

20 hrs / 2100 €

Mallorca Trophy

Billfish Edition

Here in our waters, it is possible to catch a Swordfish and Spearfish in a 24 hour period.

This is the ultimate billfish challenge, watch in awe as an incredible swordfish or spearfish jumps out of the water and marvel in the beautiful colours of them when you get it to the boat.

This is every anglers dream trophy.

20 hrs / 2100 €