Best Fishing Trips Mallorca: summer 2021

Best Fishing Trips in Mallorca: summer 2021

When looking for a fishing holiday in Mallorca, or just a deep sea fishing trip, you want to ensure that the one you book has the best fishing trips in Mallorca. So what are you looking for? Tuna fishing for Bluefin Tuna, long fin tuna, or skipjack? Perhaps one of the best fishing trips in Mallorca for Swordfish or Spearfish? We have you covered.

We have worked so incredibly hard to earn our reputation as one of best fishing charters, with the best fishing trips in Mallorca, and we believe that we deserve it. When it comes to fishing, especially deep sea fishing, it is vital that you have the upmost respect for the sea, and its inhabitants and we have vowed from day one, to always maintain this level of respect.

We not only fish for fun and for our income, but also for science. We tag lots of pelagic species for NOAA and The Billfish Foundation, which helps us to learn more about the spawning and migration patterns of these wonderful species, and also helps with conservation as we closely track the numbers of species we catch per year. We believe that we are doing our part to give back to the deep blue, that provides us with so much.

Our tagging actually won us the Captain’s and also Mate’s award for most Spearfish tagged in the Atlantic (Atlantic, Mediterranean and Adriatic) in 2020 from The Billfish Foundation.

Our Captain, Vince, has more than 20 years of experience in successfully targeting pelagic species in Mallorca, he still makes an effort to always be learning. He has an impressive catch record and has a number of awards. He is recognised by different fishing associations, as an ethical and honest, trustworthy captain and has a passion for fishing like no other. He is also the only IGFA captain in Mallorca. Allow him to guide you on the best fishing trips in Mallorca.

Mallorca is also super family friendly and has something for everyone, so it doesn’t just have to be a fishing holiday. With many hotels, holiday villas and apartments, there are plenty of choices for accommodation. The best fishing trips in Mallorca are in the North. With ridges, drop offs and cliffs surrounding the Northern capes, Alcudia is in the North and has everything you need, from hotels, bars, restaurants, discos, attractions for adults and for children.

We have the best fishing trips in Mallorca because we strive for excellence.

We have the best fishing trips in Mallorca because we work hard.

We have the best fishing trips because we have experience.

We have the best fishing trips because we have passion.

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