Family Fishing in Mallorca


Here at Capt. Vince Riera, we are very proud to offer the best fishing trips in Mallorca. We have worked incredibly hard over the years to ensure that our guests receive only the best experience from the moment the contact us.We offer a range of different fishing experiences in Mallorca, from children trips introducing them to fishing to deep sea fishing trips for bluefin tuna, swordfish and other pelagic species.

We pride ourself on our honesty and our passion for fishing, vowing to never become a so called ‘tourist trap’. We are very happy that after many years of showing the world what Mallorca has to offer, that is it now being recognised as a world class fishing destination. Anglers have been travelling around the globe to catch the species that we have here in the Mediterranean waters around Mallorca. Every year, more and more anglers are travelling to Mallorca to experience some serious fishing with Capt. Vince Riera and we are extremely proud.

In 2019, Capt. Vince became the first and only IGFA captain on the Balearic islands, being recognised as a genuine and conscientious captain who truly cares about the ocean and it’s inhabitants. We promise that we will continue to collaborate with organisations like NOAA, The Billfish Foundation and IGFA to collect data and keep working hard to ensure the survival of endangered species. We will continue to fish responsibly and adapt to the ever changing blue planet that we are privileged to call home. 

Step in to our world and allow us to be your guide, showing you all that Mallorca has to offer, let us show you why we work so hard to protect our island, waters and the species that live here.Once you see some of the wonderful creatures of the Mediterranean, you’ll understand why we spend so much time on the water exploring and learning new things about them.

Mallorca really is a paradise that just so happens to be an approximate 2 hour flight from most European countries.


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