Angelangebot auf Mallorca : Big Game Angeln auf Blauflossenthun

Deep sea Fishing off Mallorca

Deep Sea Fishing, Big Game Fishing, Offshore Fishing, Bluewater Fishing. There are many terms for catching large fish far away from the coast. Here, in the north of Mallorca, we fish for bluefin tuna just a few kilometers from Formentor Cape. So, actually not so “far away”. Our fishing grounds are located on the northern edge of the island shelf, which drops to depths of more than 1000m. At this edge with its elevations, incisions and mighty canyons, the Balearic current “rubs” itself and brings with all its turbulences nutrient-rich deep water into the oxygen-rich and light-flooded upper zones.

Deep sea Fishing on our Doorstep

Because of this particular situation, the entire food chain is boosted here in the north of Alcudia. At its base are plankton and krill, which are food for countless Mediterranean horse mackerel. This species of mackerel, called in Spanish jurel, is the favourite prey of bluefin tuna and swordfish. Jurel are also so common in winter that a local stock of bluefin tunas has formed that stay here all year round, which can be caught even in winter.

Where skippers have to travel many miles offshore off the east coast of the USA to search for tuna, we are lucky to be able to fish in front of our doorstep. All year round.

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