Angeln auf Mallorca mit Kapitän Vince Riera. Beste Angelausflüge Alcudia

Dentex Dentex Offshore Fishing in Mallorca

Mallorca is literally a rock in the open ocean. Home for an incredible marine life. I have been fishing here all my life, longer than I want to admit; so I have found a lot of spots where this abundance of marine life can be found. Crates, underwater mountains, canyons and coastline where small fish find shelter and big predators follow.

2018 was truly the year of the dentex (denton in spanish, dentol in mallorquin) I love this incredible predatory fish. Their attacks are brutal, but thought-out. They arent easy to catch. You need to know when, where and how. A lucky punch does not exist with dentex. This year we caught so many, that I have lost the count. And nice sizes all together. What is especially astonishing, is that even in the hot summer months, the bite was on.

Have a look at some nice ones of this year. On light tackle, they will make your muscles ache!

(Offshore Fishing in Mallorca)

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