Angeln auf MahiMahi vor Mallorca (Tiefseefischen Charters Mallorca) Angelausflüge Alcudia: Mallorca Angeln Amberjack, Dentex, Grouper und Barracuda.

Mahi Mahi Madness (Fishing in Mallorca)

September in Mallorca. Stable weather. Free time. What do I do? You guessed it. Fishing. The autumn months are the perfect time for light trolling, spinning – and flyfishing for predators like amberjack, little tunny, dentex and, the star of them all, the mahi mahis.

They arrive in huge schools in September and stay until the beginning of November. The fastest growing fish in the ocean will reach a weight of 2-3kg in October. These are the normal sizes around this time of the year.

Mahi Mahi Fishing in Mallorca

So, I called up a good friend, he came down and we had two super fun days of Mahi Mahi fishing in Mallorca Island. The first day we had to battle rough seas but managed to catch an abundance of different fish. From decent size jacks to little tunny and even one baby bluefin that was born in the summer, just around the corner of where we fished. An amazing start.

The second day the sea was flat, so we went full speed to find the Mahi schools. And boy did we. Over 40 catches with the super light gear. More than half of these beautiful fish released. The others we filleted and given to my friends and family and we kept a good portion for ourselves. What a delicious treat and how thankful I am, that I can feed my family fresh fish like these tasty Mahis. An amazing day of Mahi Mahi fishing in Mallorca (Alcudia)!

Check out the video below. An amazing day of Mahi Mahi fishing in Mallorca!

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