The right choice of a fishing trip in Mallorca

The right choice of a fishing trip in Mallorca: fishing trips in Mallorca are plentiful, but how do you chose the one that’s right for your family? Here at Capt. Vince Riera we work very hard to be the best fishing trip in Mallorca. We have all of the correct licenses and safety equipment and make sure it is all up to date. This is a very important part of choosing the right fishing charter, that is often overlooked by many people. We test our fishing equipment regularly and when we have bad weather, you’ll find us on board servicing it. On every fishing trip we test the line, the reels, knots and hooks to ensure we have the best chance of landing the fish.

Fishing is not just our business, it’s our passion. Our captain, Vince, wants to catch fish more than anybody and if something happens that is out of the ordinary, you can be sure that he will be calling all over the world to other captains to find out if it has happened to anybody else, and why!

More than fishing trips in Mallorca

Vince has been fishing all of his life, some say that salt water runs through his veins, he is incredibly passionate about what he does, and tries his hardest to make sure everybody disembarks his boat, having had the best time they could possible have.

Once we berth the Mad Max in the marina, our work doesn’t stop, we like to keep the boat immaculate. When you are using your boat every single day, it needs regular upkeep, and we can assure you that you will never board our boat and find it in nothing but top condition.

Yes, there are many fishing trips in Mallorca, but you will have a hard time finding one that will allow you to see the pure passion for fishing and the sea by the captain, who has been fishing in these waters his whole life, he cares deeply for the water that he calls home and tries to give back in whatever way he can. We tag for two different foundations who work to protect endangered species, and we never take more from the sea than we give. The sea is our home, it gives us life and we know we must protect it.

We offer you the opportunity for adventure but also learning, we love to teach our passengers about the sea and it’s inhabitants, why we do what we do, and what makes us different to the other charters here. This isn’t just our job, it is our passion and our life. So why not step on board and let us guide you to a special adventure, like you’ve never experienced before?

The right choice of a fishing trip in Mallorca

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