Trolling for Bluefin Tuna in Mallorca

I have been fishing for Bluefin Tuna in Mallorca since I was 19 years old, and I have become an expert in catching them.

The smallest Bluefins we catch using our usual technique are around 60kgs, and the biggest more than 300kgs.

They reproduce here in Mallorca in June and in September we always accidentally catch a few babies. I have always wondered why I catch the babies and then the 60kg fish, never in between.

I have been working on finding the smaller tuna and now I have, they are swimming in small groups and feeding on the surface.

They are not in the usual tuna spot, so we have to go quite far away from the marina, and then begin trolling on the surface in very deep water. With this kind of fishing, we usually have multiple catches of bluefin tuna of around 20-40kgs.

I know the thought of fishing for bluefin tuna in Mallorca makes most fishermen crazy but the size can also put them off. Now we have a way to cater to everybody, if catching a tuna of 60-120kg (average size except for May, June and July) worries you, why not book a fishing trip in Mallorca targeting Bluefins of 20-40kgs?

Maybe you are planning a stag do in Mallorca, or just a holiday with friends and you’d like to catch some big fish. This type of fishing is for novices and experts.

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