Mallorca Hochsee-Trolling auf Mallorca Schleppfischen Alcudia

Big Game Trolling in Mallorca (Alcudia)

When big game trolling in Mallorca, you can expect to catch a range of different species. Captain Vince Riera was born in Mallorca, on the sea and has been using various fishing techniques his whole life, with trolling being one of the ones he uses most often.

Species you can catch whilst Big Game Trolling in Mallorca:

    • Albacore, some being more than 20 kgs

    • Little Tunny 5-18 kg

    • Spearfish 10 kg – approx 50 kg

    • Skip Jack 5-15 kg

    • Bonito 3-8 kg

    • Bluefin Tuna 5-40 kg

    • Mahi Mahi 0.5-12 kg

Trolling in Mallorca Trolling in Alcudia

Big Game Trolling in Mallorca (Alcudia):

Big game trolling is one of the most common methods used by fisherman, there are so many kinds of lures on the market now and the companies who make them do such a good job of mimicking bait fish. Different colours, shapes and sizes are available as well as different weights. You can choose different swimming depths of the lures depending if you are surface trolling or trolling a little deeper.

The aim of the lure is to not only mimic the appearance of the baitfish, but also the swimming style. The goal is to trick the predator into thinking that your lure is actually a fish.

If you like the idea of catching one of these big predators, come and join us and try out some Big Game Trolling in Mallorca.

Big Game Trolling in Mallorca Alcudia

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