Deep sea fishing in Mallorca fun with the little ones too

Deep sea fishing in Mallorca: fun with the little ones too

Deep-sea fishing in Mallorca clearly has one specific target fish: the bluefin tuna. Because of these great fighters, anglers themselves come from overseas to compete with such giants on a fishing holiday in the north of Mallorca (Alcudia) – But as every angler knows: The fish don’t always bite! On some days it can take hours, until bluefin tuna show up on the sonar and take the offered bait.

On such days we shorten the waiting time with bottom fishing for tasty grill fish. We don’t have to leave our fishing spot. At a depth of about 90 m there are horse mackerels and other species like red seabreams, zebra breams, scorpion fish and John Dory (Peter’s fish).

We then leave a simple assembly with 2-3 hooks and squid strips as bait on the ground. And because we use electric reels, even children can take part in such a fishing in Mallorca and have their fun. And in the evening, when the fish are cooking on the grill, the family’s joy about such a successful fishing holiday in Mallorca is all the greater.

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