Hochseeangeln auf Mallorca Alcudia Hochseeangeln Angelurlaub

Fishing trip in Mallorca, Alcudia (Our Boat)

Here at Fishing in Mallorca (Alcudia) with Capt. Vince Riera, we spent months trying to find the perfect boat for what we do. Boats are usually made for private use, meaning lots of attention is focused on putting as many bedrooms in as possible, and how to make it perfect for family cruising, not so much for the perfect fishing trip in Mallorca. The best fishing boats are usually American made, with lots of deck space, perfect for what we do. Finding an American made boat in Mallorca is very difficult, so when I found our Tiara 4100 Open here on the island, I had to go and have a look. I am so glad that I did, I found my dream boat.

Our boat for Fishing trip in Mallorca, Alcudia (Fishing Charter)

Onboard we have the latest Raymarine technology. We have two different sonars, with a large 19.5” screen to make sure we can always see what is happening under the boat. A 12kw radar which can locate birds up to 10nm away is perfect for days when the tuna are feeding on the surface. We have a large deck space, with two sofas for relaxing while waiting for the reels to scream, lots of space downstairs, with a full kitchen and bathroom, and a king size bed in the cabin for when you are exhausted after fighting the fish of your life.

Fishing trips in Mallorca (Alcudia) with Capt Vince Riera

If you are looking for the perfect fishing trip in Mallorca, we are the charter for you. We have the biggest and most well equipped boat, of any fishing charter on the island. We have over 20 years experience in fishing for these deep sea giants, and will try our very best to help you hook, fight and land, a bluefin tuna, bigger than you!

Fishing trip in Mallorca Fishing Charter Mallorca

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