Angelausflüge auf Mallorca: Angeltouren in Alcudia

Fishing Trips in Alcudia, Mallorca

Alcudia (in Mallorca) is an ideal place to enjoy fishing. The Mediterranean that surrounds us, is rich in marine life, including swordfish, bluefin tuna, mahi mahi, spearfish, little tunny, albacore, barracuda, dentex and amberjack. Deep sea fishing in Alcudia (Mallorca) is an impressive experience that you will probably never forget. Pay attention to the video that accompanies these notes and without many explanations you will understand the spirit of our fishing trips in Mallorca: Fun, family enjoyment and pleasure of hooking, catching and releasing beautiful fish…

Fishing in Mallorca (Alcudia)

Mallorca is a privileged place to enjoy fishing because in its waters we can find several species that are very exciting to catch in sport fishing. For example, in the calm waters of Alcudia you can find tuna all year round, swordfish, Mahi mahi, tuna, bonito and shark. Close to the shore, we have barracuda, dentex, amberjack, bonito and little tunny.

Capt. Vince (experienced and award-winning fishing skipper in Alcudia) will ensure that your fishing experience in Mallorca is for you and your family… a dream come true.

Trolling in Mallorca (Alcudia)

If your preferences are inclined towards other fishing methods or techniques and other species more common to catch, Capt Vince proposes to go trolling in Mallorca, not far from the coast. In this case we warn you: you will hear the reels screaming and you will exercise your muscles, so… that day prepare yourself because you and your family will definitely have dinner: dentex, amberjack, barracuda, bluefish, leerfish or mahi mahi!

Private Fishing Trips in Mallorca (Alcudia)

But in addition to the incredible amount of wildlife that you could fish in Mallorca and the experiences that Capt. Vince Riera provides to customers, you and your family or friends will also have the opportunity to enjoy a special day relaxing in the crystalline and deep waters of the Med, an ideal environment to fish unique specimens. This fishing Trip in Mallorca you will do on board of a boat described by several fishing professionals, as a real fishing tool: a safe space, excellently equipped with the best fishing technology and very comfortable… A rock in the Mediterranean.

deep sea Fishing Trips in Alcudia-Mallorca big game charter

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