Erstaunliche Angeltour auf Mallorca Alcudia

Incredible fishing Trip in Mallorca (Fishing Weekend)

Today we would like to share with all our readers a comment sent to us by a client who has recently contacted us through our website and we have made (for a weekend) a fishing trip in Mallorca, Alcudia.

We are very pleased that our customers have these opinions about us because we work very hard to meet everyone’s expectations on every fishing trip in Mallorca. Below is a summary of their experience aboard our boat a couple of weekends ago:

fishing Trip in Mallorca Weekend fishing charter

Amazing fishing Trip in Mallorca (Fishing Weekend)

I am a fisherman with some years of experience and have been on numerous fishing trips in Mallorca, but my trip with Capt. Vince Riera has been, by far, the best. I knew I could catch tuna and swordfish in the Mediterranean, but I certainly hadn’t been lucky enough to catch a giant tuna in the northern waters of this beautiful island until I met to Capt. Vince.

I found Vince through his website and immediately contacted him. I wanted a fishing charter in Mallorca as soon as possible, but Vince explained to me that at that time it was not possible because the weather had to be perfect to catch swordfish, which was my intention. The technique used by this well-known fishing skipper in Mallorca cannot be put into practice if there is bad weather, so we were moving the charter date until a couple of days later he sent me a message confirming the departure date and so it was! It was worth the wait because the final experience was incredible. My family and I have had an extraordinary weekend that we will not forget.

To begin with, I must say that Vince is a man of many details. Everything had been previously calculated and prepared for our fishing trip. The yacht of this Mallorcan fishing wolf has everything I expected and more. The attention my family received was exquisite. The truth is we are very grateful and we are already planning the next outing… because we will repeat!

But the most impressive thing about that weekend was fighting a giant tuna… Very Exciting: Pure Adrenaline! Because in Alcudia the water is so deep that time went on and the fight was intense. Thanks to the expertise of the expert captain I have beaten a beautiful giant tuna of more than 100 kg (110 and 122) and the best of all? We have released it after measuring it and taking pictures with this emblematic predator.

If you are a fisherman and you are looking for a great fishing Charter in Mallorca, or even in Europe, this is the one you need! Completely recommended.

Thank you Captain!

Weekend charter fishing Trip in Mallorca

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